Driven by Daylight is the name photographer Bart Zwemmer uses for his landscape and fine art photography. Since he is meticulously planning his photography to catch the best light on the scenes, he is always following the daylight to the most interesting places.

Photography is an art.

It’s about finding the extra-ordinary

in an ordinary place.

So may places are passed by numerous people each and every day, without being payed proper attention. With the right eye, the right mindset and the right lighting, these unobservable spots can be turned into pieces of art to put on the wall. If people would stand still and contemplate these locations, which they pass so often, they would appreciate them more and enjoy it more.

Driven by Daylight

Since the invention of the camera, a lot of designs and processes have been tried in order to achieve the best photographs. Going back and using all these techniques, combined with modern day technology is what drives Driven by Daylight.

With an ever changing set of old and new camera’s and lenses, Driven by Daylight is experimenting and searching for the best techniques to capture the desired images. The easy post-processing option of digital sometimes need to make way for decades old, big cameras or even home built contraptions to capture the light.

Tools and platforms

Selected equipment

  • Nikon Z6
  • Pentax 67
  • Graflex Speed Graphic 5×4″
  • Pinhole shoebox
  • DIY 11×14″ camera in the making