Print information

Sizes and ratio’s

Each print is available in different sizes. These sizes reflect standard ratio’s between the length and width. Depending on the photo, a different aspect ratio is supported. Depending on the medium, not all sizes are available, to be able to ensure a consistent quality.

Since all prints are delivered without a frame, the prints are delivered uncut. This means, that they contain a small white edge around the print. This edge is maintained in order that you can cut it to the exact dimensions of your frame.

Finishing and materials

All prints are printed using pigment ink on high quality archival grade photographic papers. Standard this is done using a satin gloss finish to bring out the most detail in the prints. If you prefer any other print finish, please contact me and we will make it work for you.

Limited editions

All prints are part of limited series. Each print is numbered and signed to reflect this.

Special requests

At this time, I am not placing orders online for finishing options, and each print will be rolled and mailed. If you would like custom finishing options, please feel free to contact me for details and quotation.